Empty Leg charter flights

When a private jet is booked for a flight, it sometimes has to position (fly onward) to a new airport to collect passengers, or return back to a base airport with nobody on board. In these situations an ‘empty leg’ becomes available for the positioning journey.

This doesn’t always have to be at the airports we advertise. As long as the flight is travelling in the same general direction, we can arrange for a departure or arrival at an airport nearby. Charges usually depend on the length of the flight, the number of passengers, time of day etc;

Consequently, by booking wisely, we can sometimes access cheaper flights! Let us help you see if you can use any of these flights.

October 8, 2020MENORCAPALMAPMenquire
October 10, 2020CHESTERGLOUCESTERPMenquire
October 10, 2020OLBIAVENICEPMenquire
October 10, 2020CHESTERGLOUCESTERPMenquire
October 15, 2020ROME-CIABOLOGNAPMenquire
October 15, 2020PARIS-LBGMENORCAAMenquire
October 20, 2020GLOUCESTERPARIS-LBGPMenquire